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I Have Discovered The Secret Of School Development!

I imagine the responses when people saw the title of this post ranged somewhere from 'Ooh, at last, I must have a look at that' to 'Oh, you bloody think so, do you?' Whatever your response it would seem that you are either sufficiently intrigued, professionally curious or just already bored with The World Cup, enough to find out what this secret might be, because you are still reading. Hopefully, you will stay with me whilst I set the scene, before my big reveal! Sometimes I think being in a room whilst my wife is watching TV is having too much influence on my thinking. Who or what is Gok Wan?

I digress, one of my consummate failings, but let's not go there. For many years headteachers and schools have searched and strived to find the Holy Grail that is the secret to consistent school development and improvement to raise attainment and achievement. I was one of those souls, ( or should it be soles?), who had trod metaphorical, and literal,  paths and roads in searc…